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link “Dr. Silverman saved my leg using very advanced techniques. He was always there for me day and night.” – vitals.com

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http://weddingdjinjamaica.com/?mapsro1 “I saw Dr. Silverman for a 2nd opinion as I was recommended to have an amputation. He did several angioplasties on my leg to restore the blood flow and saved my leg. I am so grateful.” – vitals.com


“I have poor circulation and had 8 stents placed in my left leg which all shut down. I could not walk and my foot hurt all the time. I saw Dr. Silverman for a 2nd opinion and he explained to me that putting in more stents would not work and he did a bypass. I am so happy and grateful for his skills. He was very caring.” – vitals.com https://hubpages.com/@ecpcdumakake

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go here “Dr. Steven Silverman is an extremely knowledgeable and compassionate physician. He is an excellent surgeon and always goes the extra mile for his patients. He communicates well with his patients and their families. He has been known to help people that no one else can.” – vitals.com

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“I had a bypass in my right leg that shut down and I had gangrene. Dr. Silverman was able to open up my arteries and save my foot. My pain is gone and my life has changed.” – vitals.com

“I’m 57. I have diabetes and lost my right leg 3 years ago. I developed wounds on my left leg that got worse with a foul odor. For 2 years, other doctors were putting stents in my leg and they all failed. Dr. Silverman opened up my arteries, then put a skin graft on my leg, and I am now entirely healed. I am grateful for his skills and compassion.” – vitals.com

“I had several stents placed in my leg by my cardiologist, but this really did not help my foot, which was painful and had a spot on top that would not heal. My podiatrist referred me to Dr. Silverman who opened up several of my arteries with a balloon and a “rota-rooter” and my foot is now healed! I am very grateful.” – vitals.com

“I had a carotid artery blockage on the right side. Dr. Silverman diagnosed it and surgery was scheduled. The surgery was successful and enabled me to continue my very active lifestyle of running, playing softball, building houses for Habitat for Humanity, and other physically demanding activities.” – healthgrades.com

“Dr. Silverman is gifted. He is also experienced – not just with vascular issues, but in treating how the body works holistically. He listens intently and invests himself in his patients. I was able to discontinue Warfarin ahead of schedule because of his proactive ordering of blood tests. He has seen me speedily for unexpected ultrasounds and discovered an underlying endocrine problem that I misinterpreted as vascular. He is genuinely concerned about patient needs and very dedicated.” – healthgrades.com